Tender Details
Tender Number SP/T-0701/0310 (AMENDMENT-2)
Tender Type OPEN
Bid Type TWO BID
Estimated Cost [in Rupees in Lakhs] 121
Tender Fee [in Rupees] 1000
Tender Validity[in days] Tender/offer should be kept valid for acceptance upto and including last day of the calender month covering the completion of 180 days from the  date of tender opening.
Tender Sale Opening Date 20-03-2010 10:00:00 AM
Tender Sale Closing Date 26-04-2010 11:00:00 AM
Contact email cecpa@mahatransco.in
Submission Date 26-04-2010 03:00:00 PM
Bid Type Bid Opening Date
TECHNO-COMMERCIAL BID 26-04-2010 04:00:00 PM
PRICE BID 28-05-2010 01:13:00 PM
DEVIATION BID 15-05-2010 04:40:00 PM
Tender Notice File
Note: (1)For viewing tender documents, access is free of cost. However, for participating in the tenders, purchase of tender documents is mandatory and only registered vendors can purchase the tender documents.
(2) Viewing of the tender documents doesn’t entitle to request for extension of due date / time of tender.
(3) Vendors who have not purchased tender documents but represent or request for clarifications in Respect of terms & conditions and technical specifications, MSETCL is not bound to take cognizance or reply the same.
(4) The registered vendors can purchase online Tender Documents on website http://cpa.mahatransco.in upto the last sale date & time of the tender, on payment of above specified non refundable tender fee by Cash/ M.O./Crossed "A/C Payee" demand draft payable to "Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co.Ltd." drawn on any Nationalized Bank at Mumbai or by using net banking facility available on the website.
(5) The tender is to be submitted online on website http://cpa.mahatransco.in. Tender will be opened online on due date and time of opening.
(6) The tender documents are non-transferable. Change in name and address of any kind will not be entertained. The tenders duly signed with digital signature will be accepted upto due date and time of submission. It is advisable to submit the digitally signed tenders sufficiently in advance of due date & time, so as to avoid last minate trafficking at server.
(7) The tenders will not be accepted after due date and time of submission.
(8) If the date of opening happens to be holiday, it will stand extended to the next working day with no change in timings.
(9)The purchaser does not accept any responsibility for inability to use and / or for any delay in service provided by the site.
(10) The tender fee paid against the particular tender shall not be refunded / transferred / adjusted at all.
(11) The Company reserves the right to reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reason whatsoever.
(12)a.The participants vendors are requested to click on the link 'Calender' (provided at the home page of cpa.mahatransco.in) regularly to check the submission & opening dates of all the bids (Technocommercial , Deviation , Price Bid , Annexure - 'C-1') Vendors are requested not to depend on the reciept of mails for knowing the submission & opening dates and follow the above procedure.
(12)b.The Registered vendors should approach to e-tendering cell, CPA, MSETCL for Renewal of their Digital Signature Key alongwith necessary fees well in advance before due date of submission of all the Bids.
Mumbai - 400051 Executive Director(Operations)